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We’re Resonance, and we exist in total opposition to the way 99% of fashion operates.

The 1% we do agree on? Making beautiful, high-quality clothing designed by incredible creators.

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What’s in a legacy?

The legacy fashion industry is socially, environmentally and economically destructive. With the rise of mass market brands, “More, Cheaper, Faster” has become the expectation, and we and our planet are paying the steep price for it.


More, Cheaper, Faster has also made it virtually impossible for small, creation-driven  brands to survive, especially for brands who won’t compromise ethically or morally by participating in some of the industry’s harmful practices.



30% of all clothing made each year is never sold. As a result, tens of billions of garments per year are burned or “disposed of” in a toxic waste site.



The fashion industry is responsible for 10% of annual global carbon emissions, more than all international flights and maritime shipping combined.



The fashion industry is responsible for one fifth of all water pollution and textile dyeing is the second largest polluter of water.

And that’s not all. The lifeblood of fashion, small independent designers, are being suffocated because they cannot create businesses that can survive. With the cost of inventory, very few can afford to enter the industry in the first place. Those that do are often forced to spend the majority of their time and energy on navigating complex and expensive logistical and operational networks, instead of creating for you.

So where does Resonance fit into the global fashion industry supply chain? We don't. We believe in–and have built–the opposite.

Resonance factory in the Dominican Republic

Resonance is a technology company, production partner, manufacturer, creative platform, and brand supporter, all in one. Our platform spans from creator to closet. Our mission is to enable fashion brands to create economic, social, and environmental value by designing, selling, and then making clothing in an entirely new way. We believe in the power of creating ONE garment at a time, because you can’t waste what doesn’t exist.

The need to completely overhaul the fashion industry is crucial, and time sensitive. This is why we’ve spent the last five years revolutionizing–and rebuilding–every single aspect of how clothes are designed and made, from scratch.

Our Process:

DESIGN, SELL, MAKE (in that order)


No Inventory

Our brands do not hold any inventory. Our brands intentionally design, sell and make clothing in that order. In our world, a garment only exists where and when it is wanted.

Without inventory, designers can create, react, and experiment risk-free. They can launch styles in a matter of days, and if it doesn’t sell, it doesn’t get made.

Resonance factory in the Dominican Republic.

Digitally Designed

Our brands design using our proprietary cloud-based software platform, create.ONE, which enables designers and brands of any scale to execute all aspects of design--from pattern development, print design, 3D renderings, and virtual fittings, to launching styles on their website.

In addition, the platform streamlines and/or eliminates the majority of administrative and operational tasks that overburden brands, so they can focus on creating.

Made ONE at a time, on demand

When you order a garment from a Resonance brand, the order is sent directly to our factory in the Dominican Republic to be printed, cut, sewn, and shipped (no inventory, warehouses or middlemen).

This dynamic way of working empowers creators with unlimited, unconstrained creativity so they can make the garments you truly love.

Reducing fashion’s environmental impact is not enough. We believe that you can’t change the fashion industry without changing who’s building it.


beRESONANT Accelerator

We launched the beRESONANT Accelerator in July 2020 to empower talented, Black creators who have something to say, but had not yet had the platform to say it.

To date, we have invested more than $1M in cash, goods, and services in 11 Black-owned brands, who are on the path to building sustainable, valuable businesses that we believe can alter the trajectory of this industry.

We're learning as we go, and the visionary brands we partner with are putting it all on the line because they believe this industry can and should do more for its creators and its customers, while reducing its impact on our planet.

Doing something no one has ever done before is hard. We’re committed to learning, growing and improving everyday, and hopefully in turn, improving the clothes you wear in your everyday life, and sustaining that improvement for years to come.

Brands we work with: