create.ONE is a proprietary cloud-based software platform  that enables designers and brands—large and small—to design, sell, and make (in that order) one piece of clothing on-demand as efficiently as 1000. No working capital. No minimums. No production team. No tech design function. No trend forecasters. No seasons. With complete transparency on how every single piece of clothing you design, sell, and make impacts this planet. 

Not disposable fast fashion - elevated, designer-level clothing in silk, cotton, wool, hemp, linen, and other natural fiber materials.

create.ONE consists of three unified and completely integrated cloud-based applications: DESIGN, SELL and MAKE.



create.ONE DESIGN is a cloud-based application that enables a designer to imagine something today, sell it tonight, make it tomorrow (with transparent and verifiable sustainability), and have it to her customer within days.


create.ONE DESIGN is about elevated clothing. It provides the tools and capabilities to design all elements of a garment sustainably and construct it in a multitude of natural fiber-based materials in real time.  






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  • Sustainable design verification and validation

  • Virtual design and product simulation

  • Customization and personalization

  • Collaboration and approval

  • Costing and pricing

  • Inferred patterns and automated tech packs

  • Color accuracy and consistency management

  • Comprehensive analytics and insight



Designing in real time is meaningless without the ability to sell your products directly to your customers, through your wholesale partners, and in your physical store, simultaneously, in real time.

create.ONE SELL is about NO INVENTORY. It's about everything in your business being variable. If your customers don't like your product, change it, don't discount it. It's about changing everything on a dime when the world changes around you.

TOTAL $145.45




  • Content creation and content management

  • Cross-channel marketing calendar planning, management, and execution 

  • Commerce integration with Shopify and other platforms to enable real-time customer order execution

  • Product management

  • Customer Relationship Management

  • Product configurator

  • Assortment and site planning

  • Customized and personalized product execution

  • Cross platform commerce analytics and insight



We live in an uncertain world in uncertain times. Climate change, geopolitical stability, tariffs and border controls, health risks, and macro- and microeconomic conditions can all change in an instant. As a brand, you cannot afford to bet your entire business on a single manufacturer in a single region. As a manufacturer can’t rely on the consistency of large brands to maintain and grow your business. The world is just too volatile.

create.ONE MAKE is a set of cloud based applications that enable manufacturers to receive individual orders from brands around the world, creating a diversified global supply chain network for the fashion industry that is resilient to the volatility we encounter and enables the fashion industry to produce more responsibly. 




The core principle of create.ONE MAKE is powerful but simple: an article of clothing should exist only when it is needed and only where it is needed. Functionality includes:

  • ​Unit-level sustainability measurement and verification

  • Inline customization and personalization of any order

  • AI-based tech packs to enable consistent distributed unit production of elevated clothing across a wide range of apparel categories in any factory

  • Integrated factory order processing and queue management

  • Blockchain-based contracts enabling real time payments among manufacturers and brands

  • Factory automation

  • Real-time manufacturing system analytics

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