Imagine a world where designers don’t plan their collections a year in advance.

Imagine they are inspired and design tonight, sell what they created tomorrow, and their customers are wearing it two days later.

Imagine a world where creator-driven fashion brands out-compete data-driven supply chain giants.

Imagine an industry where technology transforms the design process, eliminating minimums for materials, minimums for production and the need to build inventory, essentially driving the cost of creation to zero.


Your reality looks like this:


Our reality looks like this:


Creation is a discontinuity...

Creation can’t be derived from trend models. It's not something copied. It's not generated from artificial intelligence or thousands of computers crunching endless amounts of data.

Creation comes from the heart. It comes from the soul. It comes from talent.

Creation is to experience the unknown to show your customer something they’ve never seen before. It’s the daring expression of one’s identity. And the courage to show it to the world. It’s what it means to be human.

We believe in creators. Creators make products that connect to their customers. They create products that are deeply personal, instinctual, And unexpected. They see what the rest of us can’t.


How it works

It's a partnership

You are creation and connections.
We are business and capital.
Together, we are complete.
Together, we make a successful brand.

It’s a marriage, with a prenup.

We live together first.

We make some of your product. We invest some capital and run your online presence. As it works, we do more. If it doesn’t work, we go our separate
ways no matter what the reason. You keep everything (your name, your designs, your Website – everything) and we go our separate Ways.

If it does, we commit and build an incredible creative business together.