We are fearless, skilled, just, tolerant, different, dedicated, romantic, unbowed, bold, fun. we are dedicated to our cause: the transformation of global fashion and commerce. we fight the dominant powers. to these powers we will always look like outsiders, intruders, rebels. we have to be better, bolder and more creative because we are out-gunned and outnumbered. we are loyal. we depend on each other and our teams and they will depend on us because together is the only way we will succeed.

We make money only when we create value. if you want to make money, create value.

We are all different. we are women. we are men. we are light. we are dark. we are straight. we are gay. we are young. we are old. but we are all really fucking smart, work really fucking hard and we all know the prize that exists if we can put this all together.

Come join us.