Your Brand's No Inventory Operating System

You can't be sustainable if your brand has inventory.

No Inventory

Nearly 30% of all clothing made each year ends up in a landfill (or incinerated)—25 billion pounds of solid waste!

With ONE, everything is made on demand. Clothing only exists when and where it's wanted. No landfills, no incinerators.

Your Brand's Transparent Operating System

No more greenwashing.


The ONE.code gives verifiable and transparent impact information for each ONE garment.

Each garment sold and made in ONE has a unique ONE.code. It proves your brand’s promise on sustainability, with blockchain contracts that detail the impact of each process, practice, and person. Real data. No pretend infographics.

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Your Brand’s Low Impact Operating System

AI-driven design and production processes radically reduce your environmental impact.
Less waste. Less water. Less material. Less energy. Less.

Low Impact

No petroleum-based materials— nearly all organic and all 95-100% biodegradable.

10% of our energy comes from solar; our goal is 100% zero carbon emissions by 2025.

We use a fraction of the water than that used in traditional clothing manufacturing – our goal is zero net water impact in 2023.

Our digital printing technology uses a tiny fraction of the dye and chemicals used by the industry today and all of ours are certifiably low impact and biodegradable.

Our proprietary 3D design and development process eliminates sampling waste.

AI-based algorithms maximize material utilization and minimize solid fabric waste.,format&rect=378,0,2268,4032&w=1080&h=1920

Your Brand’s Opportunity Operating System

Fashion can do good while doing well.


The fashion industry’s labor practices are an ugly truth.

Only non-incarcerated adults work in ONE factories.

All ONE workers are paid a living wage with training and skill development opportunities.

We are building a future where more and more clothing is made in your customers’ communities, creating local jobs and entrepreneurship opportunities.,format