Fashion's No Inventory Operating System

SELL before you MAKE

Rather than fix a broken system, we reimagined it.
Without inventory. Creation-to-closet.


No Inventory is Sustainability

30% of all clothing made each year is destroyed.

No Inventory = No landfill. No burning clothes. No "wishcycling".

Inventory is Waste

ONE eliminates wasted clothes (and money).

Your Brand's Sustainable Operating System

Less Water, Less Raw Material

Advanced technology enables beautiful clothing with a fraction of the resources.

Transparent and Accountable

ONE proves your brand's impact.

Your Brand's Value Operating System

"I built a multi-million dollar, sustainable fashion brand on ONE with a freedom to create that isn’t constrained by manufacturing minimums, stock-outs, overwhelming overhead, or any of the other barriers to success for a designer."

- Daniel V.

The KIT logo

Your Brand's Success Operating System

"ONE gives us the power to create whatever we want as much as we want, without the fear of cost or wasted inventory."

- Robert & Jeffrey